Slideshare Content Creation and Marketing Checklist

slideshareWant to make it on Sideshare? You should, it is one of the most under-praised yet powerful tools out there right now. Since LinkedIn stepped up and took it under their wing, it has even more social clout. Professionals that want to connect with other industry powerhouses should be jumping on board, stat.

The problem is that not many users know how to make it really work for them. Which is fitting, given how few understand how to use LinkedIn, either. It was a match made in heaven.

Luckily, it isn’t rocket science. You can learn to use Slideshare correctly through experience, trial and error. But to get you started, try this helpful checklist for both content creation and marketing your presentations on the platform.

Before You Get Started

  1. Know your audience. Who is it you are trying to connect with, exactly? Are these high ranking CEO’s in massive corporations? Peers in your industry? Potential employers? Potential customers? Because it is a versatile platform, it will have a versatile group of users. Target the right demographic for your needs.
  2. Ask what you have to offer. This is not a blog. You can’t recycle the same tired advice and have it take off because you gave it a snazzy name. You are among two major groups: experts and wannabe experts. So to be seen as valuable there you will have to give them something both high quality, and that they haven’t seen before (at least in the way you present it).
  3. Outline: Make sure you have a clear idea of what you are going to say in the Slideshare (I usually re-purpose the subheadings from my article to make the outline). Otherwise, you’ll waste lots of time moving the slides around.
  4. Decide on your slide number. This is important, because it is easy to get carried away when you go into creating a Slideshare presentation without some kind of guideline beforehand. Take a look at other popular presentations to see how many slides they average.
  5. Decide on the tools to create eye-catching slides. This used to be a big problem: Designing slides to make them memorable and eye-catching used to be a pain. These days we have a few tools that make our job much easier. Placeit is one of the newest Slideshow makers out there providing cool templates including those for social media and beyond.

Your Content

  1. KISS. The real challenge of creating a Slideshare presentation is cutting down your information into the simplest possible format, with the fewest possible words. You don’t want more than a sentence or two, or a small bullet point of information. You have to deliver all info in a rapid fire way. If it takes more than a couple seconds to get through a slide, it is too complicated.
  2. Design (Know your tools!) Most important thing: Make sure your slides are readable when they are zoomed out (that’s how many people will watch it through Slideshare). Having visuals, readable font and colors are great ways to make it more eye catching. Don’t clutter! Too many elements will quickly overpower the content itself, and work against you. Try to keep it clean and attractive, and make sure everything is relevant. If in doubt, stay away from images for anything but a cover background. Your viewer’s will thank you for not having yet another eyesore presentation for them to tolerate in order to get to your information. Here are great tools to create the presentation. Optimize!
  3. Use an essay format. A quick way to get your point across is to use an essay format for the slides. For example, you would start with a cover image with the title, then the next slide would tell them the points you will be making. Then each slide after explains each point. The final presentation slide will give your conclusion and tie it up nicely so there are no loose ends. The last slide will be your CTA, which we will discuss in the marketing portion of this post.
  4. Ask for feedback. Sometimes we can get blind to problems in our content because we have put so much heart into it. That is why third party feedback is so crucial. Ask a couple of people you know and trust what they think. Pick them for having different strengths; one for aesthetics, such as a designer; one from your industry to check over your information; one with no industry experience to see if the language and explanations are clear enough for a layman to understand. Don’t take criticism personally, but instead use it to inform any useful changes that could improve your content.
  5. Don’t forget the basic SEO. Like with any other content, search engine optimization is important if you want your upload to keep attracting organic leads. Use Text Optimizer to extract related concepts from Google search results and find which of those should be covered in your presentations as well as Slideshare upload description.

Marketing Your Presentations

  1. Direct people to other content. This is one of the single most things you can do in a Slideshare: redirect. Create links that open in new tabs and go to either other Slideshare posts, or other relevant content you think the viewer might benefit from/enjoy. Don’t overdo it, instead providing one to three. This one action can vastly improve your traffic and visibility.
  2. Create a CTA slide. As mentioned before, a CTA slide is an important inclusion to your presentation. It does not have to be counted as part of your slide count. Decide where you want to direct conversions: communication and engagement? Social media? Your website? Product pages? Your Slideshare profile? Don’t overcrowd the slide, but provide a few conversion efforts there, so you can make the most of your content.
  3. Embed your Slideshare presentations. This is a no-brainer. Your blog is a great place to embed Slideshare posts, as are guest posts from sites that don’t mind the redirect. Make sure you are promoting anywhere you can.
  4. Keep an eye on your analytics! Slideshare provides a limited but still useful analytics for free: So keep an eye on your best performing content and let your success guide you!

slideshare analytics

See? It isn’t difficult. Just follow the checklist above and before you know it you will have an awesome campaign running based around Slideshare content. It is one of the best ways you can use visual and rapid fire data to promote yourself and your brand. Not to mention a platform that isn’t as crowded as Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook.

Have any tips to add to the checklist? We would love to hear them, so share them in the comments below!

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5 Tips for Creatives Who Want to Build an Online Career

5 Tips for Creatives Who Want to Build an Online Career

Whether you’re a college student searching for a side hustle, or you’re looking for something serious, building a career online is one of the most appealing options.

It offers you more freedom, flexibility, and room for creativity, and almost anything you’re interested in can become lucrative online, marketing, writing, photography, even teaching.

The only problem is that building an online career is a little more difficult than it sounds. You need to invest a lot of time and effort if you want to be successful and outperform the harsh competition.

So, you’ll probably need all the help you can get. To make things easier for you, check out these 5 tips that’ll help you build a bright and lucrative online career.

1. Amass an impressive portfolio and share it

If you want to get the attention of your prospective clients, you cannot wait around for them to ask to see your portfolio. You need to provide it to them proactively.

This means that you’ll want to create a portfolio that will stand out, and share it wherever you can. If you have your own website, or if you’re using a blogging platform, make sure that others can easily find your portfolio there.

LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform that allows you to share your professional skills and experience. With its built-in features, it will help you outline your education, skills, expertise, accolades, and more in a format that’s easy to read and scan through.

Before you publish your portfolio, make sure you’ve included all the relevant skills for your niche.

Build online career - image 1

Any volunteer work you’ve done, projects you’ve been a part of, classes you’ve taken, etc. And the most crucial thing of them all – proofread everything! Spelling and grammar mistakes make you seem unprofessional, and you really don’t want that.

2. Devote time to networking

At the end of the day, it’s the people that will hire you. Your skills and expertise won’t account to much if you don’t make the effort to get out and start networking. The more people you know, the better your chances are of finding a client and building your career.

Keep in mind that networking doesn’t just mean connecting with prospective clients. It also means connecting with other professionals in your niche. This can be helpful to you in many ways.

Primarily, you can meet your competition and find out what they’re doing. Analyzing your competition is essential for your growth and success.

Secondly, you’ll have more opportunities for collaboration. Working together and learning from each other is what will allow you to expand your online business.

3. Give back to the community

Giving back to the community allows you to establish credibility, position yourself as an authority in your field, and spread your brand awareness. Offer advice, ask and answer questions, comment on posts, etc. The more active you are, the more relevant your business becomes.

There are a few popular ways that you can give back to the community, including:

  • Blogging
  • Vlogging
  • Tutorials
  • Forums

Let’s take a closer look at each of them and see how they can be beneficial for you.


When it comes to building a career online, content is king. 82% of consumers have a more positive outlook on a business after reading custom content, so if you want to be successful this is your key.

Build online career - image 2

Blogging gives you great creative freedom, and you can use it fully to your advantage. Post blogs to let your audience know your interests and hobbies. This will help you spread your business culture, and your clients will become more emotionally invested in you.

Use your blogs to showcase your expertise and unique skill set. Just make sure you’re not too self-promotional. Your blogs should offer more value to the reader, and they should help the readers to either learn something interesting or solve a problem.


Vlogging is a step-up from blogging. You get to create your own visual content and enrich your blogs, social media accounts, and business website.

It’s estimated that by 2021, the global internet traffic from videos will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic. This serves to show how important vlogging is for your online career.

Build online career - image 3

The number 1 benefit is that it’s one of the cheapest forms of marketing. Basically, all you need is a decent smartphone with a nice camera, and you’re good to go.

It allows you to give a face and a voice to your brand, literally. Your audiences will become more invested in you once they get to know you through your vlogs, and you can engage with them on a much larger scale.


If you want to appear as an authority in your field, tutorials are the best way to do so. Nothing showcases your skills and expertise quite like your ability to teach others and inform them about your business.

Sharing tutorials will instill more trust in your audience, and you’ll be able to show exactly how knowledgeable and professional you are.

If part of your online business is selling products, sharing tutorials on how to use certain products will allow your prospective customers to learn more about your products, and so become more willing to buy them.


Another way to build credibility and engage with others in your industry is through forums. Answering questions, and sharing your insights and advice gives you the opportunity to expand your brand awareness.

It can also improve your link-building and so influence your Google ratings, as you can leave your website link in the comments.

Again, shoot for quality over quantity. Don’t spam the forums and use them solely for promotional purposes. The best way to build your career online is by giving some value to others.

4. Be punctual and realistic with your time assessment

Nothing can affect your reputation quite like punctuality. When your projects are running late, you’re showing a great lack of respect for your client’s time, and you’re coming off as unreliable and unprofessional.

This will not only cost you that one client whose project is running late, but any future clients as well. Consumers are quick to post reviews when they’ve had a negative experience with someone. 86% of people look up business reviews online before they decide whether they will trust a business or not.

Build online career - image 4

For your online career to be successful, you have to ensure great customer satisfaction, and this starts with showing respect for their time and being punctual.

5. Get as much information about the project as possible

You cannot be realistic with your time assessment if you aren’t 100% sure of what you’ll be doing. Different clients will have different needs and standards, and to provide greater customer satisfaction, you’ll want to do the job the way your client wants it done.

Getting as much information about the project as possible will allow you to estimate how much time it would take to finish it, how much it will cost, and how it can be completed. Don’t be shy to ask questions about the project if you’re unsure.

Wrapping up

Building a career online takes time and effort. These tips will help you on your path to success and will ensure your business grows quickly and steadily.

Guest author: Anja Skrba is a Content Creation Manager for FirstSiteGuide – an educational website which provides tutorials and guides that help people create, grow and maintain their online presence. You can connect with her on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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