How To Make Passive Income: How I Make $139.72/Day Starting With NO MONEY!

How To make passive income: How I Make $139.72/Day Starting With NO MONEY!

In this video, I’ll break down what passive income is, how I started making passive income with absolutely 0 money when I got started, and some different ideas you can use to get started creating passive income for your life.

In the last 7 months, I’ve been able to grow my passive income to an astounding $4,000+ each month and got started without investing any of my hard-earned money. I just worked smarter and with a more direct purpose.

Other passive income ideas I talk about in this video: real estate, stocks, online store, online courses, blogs, YouTube channel, storage units, vending machines, laundromat, car wash, parking lots, dropshipping and starting your own business.


10 Ways to Make Passive Income Online | How to get Filthy Rich

10 ways to make passive income Online | How to get Filthy Rich

Passive Income isn’t easy and you won’t Make Money online overnight and get filthy rich. Making passive income Online is about using systems, strategies, and tactics that established businesses have used for years. passive income is used by real businesses.

There are several ways you can make passive income, such as Monetizing a YouTube channel or Blog with Adsense. But you can also make passive income from royalties and licenses on real products like books, or the rights to videos or music.

Other ways of making passive income could be with affiliate marketing, where you sell the products or services of someone else, such as Amazon or web hosting companies like Blue Host.

You can also sell your own products. You can make music in Garage Band and sell it in iTunes, you could write an eBook and sell it within Amazon. Ecommerce is a great way to make passive income online, whether with a physical product or digital product.

You could also create an online course and people could pay for access to that like on Udemy and Skillshare. You’ve made the course once and the internet is selling it to people interested in learning from you in your sleep.

The more methods you use the make passive income the better chance you have at being successful at it.